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Samson landed on all four Paws

Posted 24th January 2017

Strolling around the garden

Strolling around the garden

This is Samson, a Staffy Cross, we had a call to re home him has his owner was not be able to give him the time and training he needed. We fell in love with this dog from the moment we met him, he never barked at us, just wanted to have cuddles and lick us all over, he was always rolling over to have his tummy rubbed. We were told he played on the trampoline with the kids and followed them ever where.
We found him a home very soon, he is now living with Abby, who owns her own Dog walking service, Samson fitted in straight away, he goes on most of the walks with her and also has got used to her horses and he has his favourite oak tree he relaxes under while Abby rides her horse. Thompson who is Abby's son has also taught him some tricks and they are inseparable. they have taken him on a few holidays to the sea and he loved it.

Chilling with his toyPlaying on the beachRelaxing in the garden

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